My name is Tim Ridge and Swamp Fox Knives is my business. I strive to bring you beautiful and useable hand forged knives for hunting, re-enacting and collections. I grew up on a farm in South Carolina in the 1960's. It was there I learned to forge my first knife while working alongside my father inside his workshop. Little did I know it would become a trade for me to make a living to support my family. Why the name? I chose to name my busness after the Revolutionary War patriot from South Carolina, Francis Marion- The Swamp Fox. I did so for two reasons. First, my father was an avid history buff. This greatly influenced me. Second, my father owned a small antique shop named Swamp Fox Antiques. This was one way I could honor two men and have a really cool looking trademark to stamp into my forged knives. I am a reenactor and a member of the Contemporary Longrifle Association. The CLA is an organization devoted to modern reproductions of all aspects of life in early American history.

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