Movies and Television Series I Have Provided Knives and Leather Work For:

The Patriot Movie- Knives

The Alamo Movie (version with Billy Bob Thornton- Many eastern style hunting bags.

The Conspirator Movie- All Conspirator pieces were researched with two pieces made from specific details provided by the Ford's Theater museum. The etching was done by my brother-in-law, Jon Moran. One of the knives was published in USA Today (April 27, 2010) in a "released scene" photo that can be seen by an internet search The Conspirator knife pictures are below. My running fox stamp is hidden beneath the handles so as not to compromise the integrity of the reproduction in the movie.

Journey 2: Mysterious Island Movie- This had 3 machetes with carved handles for a Jules Verne-based movie, Mysterious Island. Specifics for the machetes were researched and sent to me by the studio Properties Master.
Revolution Series- Knife

Sleepy Hollow TV Series- Knives

HBO Lewis and Clark Series- 4 Knives, 3 Firesteels

MAGAZINES: I have been featured in several magazines through the years (Blade, Muzzleloader, Shootist, On The Trail, Tactical Knives, Guns, Muzzleblast, American Tradition, The Backwoodsman, Home and Hill and three times invited by Forged In Fire to participate in their show.)

hand forged longhunter style knife detail of carving
forged dagger

half horse half alligator bowie


The Conspirator Knives
the knife you see best in the movie


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unseen in movie



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